The testourmonials Project

The Testourmonials Project provides platforms for marginalized artists, artisans, activists, and organizers to present information, workshops, actions, and ongoing projects that combat negative effects of gentrification and racist/classist/culturally-negligent New York City planning.

With intent to encourage self-empowerment and inherent validity, TTP plans, curates, and hosts ongoing series of performances, exhibitions, conversations, and participatory workshops. Geared to encourage discussion and mobilized actions toward community-driven conservation, TTP bridges attendants of varying ages, identities, cultures, and socio economic backgrounds.

To preserve the diverse cultures, history, and rights of peoples who gardened New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods to live and work in,
TTP connects arts/cultural organizations across New York City and USA for the cross-pollination of
ideas, strategies, solutions, promotion, resources, and support.

Native Caribbean Heritage Preservation Project

  Praise Anacacuya  2018, Oil Paint on Floating Canvas

Praise Anacacuya
2018, Oil Paint on Floating Canvas

In effort to honor Native Caribbean ancestors while providing their descendants with the legitimacy of cultural identity,  The Testourmonials Project will research and draft a Native Caribbean Heritage Day that intends on one day being celebrated internationally.  As Founder and Artistic Director of TTP I will develop a campaign and build a case to support city-wide, national, and international celebration of Native Caribbean Heritage.  TTP will complete a socially-engaged, process- and research-oriented project towards an Afro-Caribbean national holiday which outlines the relevancy and influence of African and Caribbean cultural exchanges.

Deeply inspired by Moana in a way that I have never been with any movie or book or story told to me, I contacted The Loisaida Center during the summer of 2016 and requested an Artist Residency.  My path forward to preserving and globally glorifying Indigenous Caribbean heritage is rooted in Loisaida's resources and unending support.  A six month residency from October 2017 to April 2018 cultivated a visual art series relaying emotional responses to my findings.  Following the closing reception for Restoring the Heart of Ní’Tiñao the exhibit moved to Arts East NY

I am conducting interviews from contemporary historians, practitioners of indigenous Afro-Caribbean Heritage, and descendants disconnected from ancestral Caribbean culture. 

As Moana had to rebel against norms within her island to reveal the glorious truths of her ancestors, I have had to unlearn and filter and  relearn beautiful and traumatic accounts in effort to uncover true indigenous Afro-Caribbean stories.  As Moana navigated an unknown path to save her people, I move forward and follow my path to do the same.  

Who am I?  I am a Boricua man who loves his ancestors and his people.  I am meant to spend my life preserving and globally glorifying indigenous Caribbean culture.  I will ensure international reconnection to roots that stabilized Mother Earth's habitat's and respected her children. 

The project aims to manifest from the researched and archived history, herstory, principles, spiritual practices, and core values of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, an information and resource hub for current and future generations.  

This mission of the project is to ensure that indigenous Caribbean and African heritage are preserved and accessible so future generations may grow up knowing where they come from.  This will generate a deep understanding of where they are supposed to go and who they are supposed to be. If we do not know where we are from, how are we to know where we are supposed to go and who we are supposed to be?


For our second installation of THE GET OUT we will be including more vendors, musicians, and spoken word artists.  While the vendors keep 100% of profit, proceeds from the door will be split between San Juan, Puerto Rican native Cellist Shanti Lalita and DefendPR's Hurricane Maria Relief Fund

Each project is generated by new and returning collaborators.  Zena Zendejas, Kelindah Schuster, and Dana Negesti McIntosh join me as I formulate my hypothesis on how to heal ourselves when triggered by recurring trauma.  We will do so in a performance amidst attendants of THE GET OUT 2.  

In order to be our best selves for ourselves and others we need develop at our own pace.  Most importantly, we all need to evolve into unconditionally considerate and consistent beings.  Transitioning from victims and fighters to creators and peacemakers, we will uncover a well of resources within ourselves able to gift Mother Earth and all her children the support and love essential to us all.  Join us.  Create your own hypothesis.  Share it at THE GET OUT 3.  

The Testourmonials Project reminds witnesses that art is a tool against oppression.  Expression is self care and that “is an act of political warfare.” (Audre Lorde)

If you are unable to attend, TTP will be accepting proceeds at:

Date & Location
Thursday 30 November 2017
10:00pm-1:00am, Starr Bar
214 Starr Street BK NY 11237
L to Jefferson

Shaa Hebrew
Sherille Williams
Cyber RA
Maria Jose
Shawn Kaiser
Ramsi Tora
Henry Martin

Mi Casa No Es Su Casa
Astrology by Cyber RA
Body Edibles
marimacha zines
De La Tierra Blends
Coalition To End Broken Windows


How do you get out your “get out”?

How do you express yourself during our revolutionary struggles and triumphs?

The Testourmonials Project presents THE GET OUT.  This performance series exhibits the artistry of revolutionary and evolutionary musicians standing in their truths through ingenuity and poetic lyricism.  If you enjoy bumpin to homemade beats that remind you Hip Hop is all around you, then come through to 214 Starr Bar on Saturday September 2, 2017 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

This event is by us. No Grants. Just the greatly appreciated space from Starr Bar.  Vendors will keep 100% of their profit.  80% of $10-15 suggested donations at the door will go directly to the artists.  20% of all collected donations will support Starr Bar.

Photography by Richard J Hernandez.

Support Local Art. Support Dope Music. Support Our R/Evolution.

Date & Location
Saturday 2 September 2017
9:00pm-1:00am, Starr Bar
214 Starr Street BK NY 11237
L to Jefferson

Don Mykel
Christopher Lovell
Henry Martin

Mi Casa No Es Su Casa
Troll Hole NYC
De La Tierra Blends

 Flyer Design by Henry Martin

Flyer Design by Henry Martin

Writing On It All

The Testourmonials Project collaborates with Writing On It All to host a series of self-led activities on the walls of Nola Park - HOUSE 11 on Governor's Island.  Activities displayed are geared to encourage discussion,  organization,  and mobilized actions for the sake of housing and social justice.

The Testourmonials Project provides platforms for attendants to feel empowered to offer community-led solutions; testify experiences;  provide insight;  share knowledge;  and present information on ongoing projects that combat negative effects of gentrification and racist/classist/culturally-negligent New York City planning.

The Testourmonials Project aims to empower the hidden and inspire support for all peoples afflicted by gentrification and mobility against oppressive forces working to erase the legacy of Black & Brown communities who gardened the streets and culture of this ever-gentrifying New York City.

Date & Location
Saturday 24 June 2017
1:00pm-4:00pm, HOUSE 11
Nola Park, Gov Island NY 10004
4 5 6 to Bowling Green, then walk to Governor's Island Ferry

Ferry Schedule Link

Testourmonials of
The Great Turning

Through self-recognition in a mapping activity titled "Standing In My Truth", I actively engaged attendants of The Blaktinx Queer Performance series at BAAD! in a performance that demands awareness of one’s connection to New York City, communities experiencing gentrification, apathy, action, accountability, and community.  This performance is geared for all attendants of Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, new and avid supporters.

Commissioned by the co-editors of Blacktino Queer Performance, E. Patrick Johnson and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera are professors of Performance Studies at Northwestern University.  

Date & Location
Saturday 27 May 2017
8:00pm-9:30pm, Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance
2474 Westchester Ave, Bronx NY 10461
6 to Zerega

Testourmonials of an ExploiNation

The audience is the focal point of this “solo” presented by Anthony Rosado. Through participatory activities and self-recognition, performance will return to its healing capabilities.

If art is to be a reflection of society, then join me as I actively engage attendants of this series at Judson Church in a performance that demands awareness of one’s connection to New York City, communities experiencing gentrification, apathy, action, and accountability.

This performance is geared for all attendants of the free and ongoing Movement Research’s Open Performance series, new and avid supporters.

Date & Location
Monday 27 March 2017
8:00pm-9:30pm, Judson Church
243 Thompson Street, New York NY 10012
A C E B D F M to West 4th Street

 Photography by Feng Jiang

Photography by Feng Jiang

Legends, Statements, and Stars:

Testourmonials of an

I will be curating the opening night of this three night performance series,  curated by Banjela Davis at JACK Theatre from December 15 to 18 2016.

Banjela has invited one curator per night to invite artists that will present performances in honor of we Legends, Statements, and Stars who triumph over obstacles as we fight for the rights of we who are oppressed by heteronormative, patriarchal, classist, racist, and sexist systems everpresent in our United States of American legislative and economic spheres. 


Angela Fatou Gittens
Performance Artivist, Executive Artistic Director of Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

Billy Lytle
Rapper, Performance Artist

Brother(hood) Dance
Founders: Orlando Hunter and Ricarrdo Valentine
Performance Artivists

Date & Location
Friday 15 December 2016
8:00pm-9:30pm, JACK
505 1/2 Waverly Place, b/t Fulton & Atlantic
C to Clinton-Washington

Why Testourmonials?

Since my body’s biology is a product of my ancestors’ relationships with land, community, oppression, and revolutionary resistance, so are all of our bodies.  We are connected to our ancestors in ways obvious only to we who critically look back in order to move forward.

Testourmonials is performance of collective stories told through lip syncing and dance.  It is ventilation, for we who perform to express our deepest rage and pride while relaying stories of struggle and triumph.

What began as a choreographic exploration of intergenerational trauma present in my body grew into a series culminated to provide space for marginalized artists and grassroots organizers to testify struggles and triumphs of our communities and ancestors.

My body tells Mystory, Ourstory, and Hirstory via storytelling, movement, and the visible features of my tangible body.  My body relays my family’s hirstory, my nowstory, and ourstory.  My family’s hirstory is linked to stories of Boricua families who were stolen/fled/moved to the United States during and post-colonialism.  My nowstory mirrors those of Latinx millennials pulled between upward mobility and survivor’s guilt.  Ourstory relays the facts: Black and Brown struggle and revolution against non-white centered displacement,

harassment, oppression, exotification, cultural erasure, and exploitation.

We Honor our Revolutionary Ancestors of Color, for they demolished much of colonialism’s concrete and allowed us to walk along paths of rich soil.

Testourmonials is a fifteen minute dance theatre performance presented by Anthonywash.Rosado, Anthony Prince Leslie, and Amanda Morell.

Themes of capitalist cult leadership, systematic POC genocide, and self love are ventilated through three songs, whose messages deeply inspired the choreography by Anthonywash.Rosado.

Music, Videography, & Editing: STEFA*  


Actions to Mend & End
Arts-Induced Mass Displacement of
Black & Brown Low Income Families

On October the Ninth core member of Arts in Bushwick Anthony Rosado will present a panel discussion circulating themes of arts-induced mass displacement in Bushwick.  The panel discussion is moderated by Pati Rodriguez of Mi Casa No Es Su Casa.

Attendants are encouraged to sit in the round, with panelists dispersed amongst the audience.  The panelists are Jazo Brooklyn of Bushwick Vendors Market & Educated Little Monsters/Monsters of Brooklyn, Imani Henry of Equality 4 Flatbush, Will Giron of Derecho A Techo, and Tom Angotti of NY For Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate.

This is an open conversation, attendants are encouraged to ask questions and provide insight.  We together make the space safe for conversation. This is a space for freedom of passionate speech and strong feelings and discomfort.

Please join us in a conversation hosted in light of Art’s in Bushwick’s newest core members, whom will work diligently to fulfill our mission statement: to support the representation, exposure, and support for marginalized art communities in Bushwick.


Date & Location

David & Schweitzer Gallery
56 Bogart St, BK NY 11206
Sunday 9 October 2016
3 to 4pm, FREE
L to Morgan Avenue

Testourmonials of a

On October the first 2016 core member of Arts in Bushwick Anthony Rosado will present a performance series, titled Testourmonials of a GentrifiNation.  The series will open at 4:10pm with a dance theatre performance choreographed by Anthony Rosado, titled Testourmonials, featuring Anthony Prince Leslie and Amanda Morell.

Following this performance, there will be four presentations on gentrification. Amanda Morell, Johari Mayfield, DaDa Coz, and Anthony Prince Leslie will each present a five minute performance.

Jazo Brooklyn’s youth group Monsters of Brooklyn will close out the event. The Finale will consist of mingling time and art viewing as MOB’s 9 year old DJ freestyles her set.

MOB will close the event, giving thanks to the host and organizers.

Mics donated by We Make Noise.

Link to Video Coverage by Native Brooklyn Latina
News Reporter, Jeanine Ramirez


Date & Location
Testourmonials of a GentrifiNation
Performance Series

Saturday 1 October 2016
4-5:30pm, Starr Bar
214 Starr b/t Irving & Wyckoff
L to Jefferson Street


Performances and installations reflecting on progress through the lens of gentrification. Critically look back in order to move forward.

Mckenzie Angelo Seecharan and I Native Brooklynites who have been fighting against negative effects of gentrification via curated arts events and series for years. This March we will be presenting a three week long series, titled 'Progress'.

  For Sale  Found Object Installation and Durational Performance

For Sale
Found Object Installation and Durational Performance


Opening | Past
Date: 3.5.2016

Closing | Future
Date: 3.18.2016

Live Installation and Gallery opens at 1.
Performances: 6 - 9
Multimedia Performances and Installations by:

McKenzie Angelo
Anthony Rosado
Chazz Giovanni Bruce
Wayne Arthur Paul
Jonathan Gonzalez

Sound Design:
Lamar Stephens




Sharing | Present
Date: 3.12.2016
Time: 1 - 4pm

This is a town meeting and art share for organizations, tenant councils,  native residents, and PoC (Persons of Color) identified artists who currently engaged in the fight against displacement and racial and economic inequality. This is a space for healing through storytelling.

558 St. John's Place
Crown Heights, BK
(2/3/4/5/S: Franklin)
(Press Release Link Here)

Curation by:
Anthony Rosado
Mckenzie Angelo

 Restoring The Heart of Ní’Tiñao


Cornerstone of the Native Caribbean Heritage Preservation Project, Restoring the Heart of Ní’Tiñao is a traveling archive that refutes eurocolonial claims of native Caribbean subdivision and extinction. Anthony Rosado relays his third generation Nuyorican perspective of historical and contemporary anti-colonial resistance and eurocentric anthropology. Expanding inclusive discourse regarding inter-community commemoration via story-telling and -archiving, his exhibit validates and encourages attendants to record stories within their unique families and neighborhoods. It traverses borders to inspire international documentation of residents gardening rich cultures of low-income communities, ensuring our stories are no longer exploited and capitalized.

Opening Reception: Monday November 5 2018 from TBA-TBA PM
Gallery Hours: TBA
Community Workshop: TBA

Museo De Los Sures
120 South 1st Street (between Bedford and Berry)
L to Bedford


Curator Alexis Mena of Arts East NY presents,

“Negritude: a group exhibition of 9 artist throughout the Black diaspora which explore the multiplicity and range of the Black Identity through their own lens.  The artists in this group exhibition utilize the exploration into their own identity as a way of finding a common identity for the people of East New York; through the artist’s brush strokes, symbols, and iconography used within their art.

The term ‘Négritude’ was coined by the poet Aime Césaire, and in his words it means, ’The simple recognition of the fact that one is black, the acceptance of this fact and of our destiny as blacks, of our history and culture.”  The movement is marked by its rejection of European colonization and its role in the African diaspora, pride in “blackness” and traditional African values and culture, mixed with an undercurrent of Marxist ideals.  Négritude was born from a shared experience of discrimination and oppression and an attempt to dispel stereotypes and create a new Black consciousness.

This process of individualization is further complicated when people of color are unaware of their shared history, or when you unaware of where your ancestors descended from exactly.  In a world where the construct of race has created a socio-economic hierarchy which puts the concept of whiteness at the top; Black people are made to feel inferior from inception.  This may lead to the ‘colonized mind’; a term created by Franz Fannon, the Political theorist & author deeply involved with the Negritude movement of the 1930’s.”

Opening Reception: Thursday May 3 2018 from 7:00-9:00PM
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday from 12:00-5:00PM
Closing Reception: Thursday June 28 from 7:00-9:00PM

Arts East NY
534 Livonia Avenue BK NY
L to Livonia or 3 to Junius



In effort to honor Indigenous Caribbean ancestors while providing their descendants with the legitimacy and empowerment of cultural identity,  The Testourmonials Project will research, draft, and present an Indigena Caribe Heritage Day that intends on one day being celebrated internationally.  As Founder and Artistic Director of The Testourmonials Project I will develop a campaign and build a case to support city-wide, national, and international celebration of the Caribbean Heritage.

The project aims to research, archive, and memorialize the herstory, history, principles, spirituality, practices, and core values of the native peoples of the Caribbean.  Following research, the “Ní’Tiñao Heritage Day – Celebration Model” will be drafted.  This model will be shared with organizations indigenous to the Ní’Tiñao via interviews, as well as a community engagement workshop and performance components. 

Descendants will learn of traditions, practices, values, and foods cultivated by ancestors whose stories are made accessible.  The model will consequently be redrafted considering review by active members of the Arawak Tainx community and their modern day practices.   Once the model is complete, a proposal will be drafted and campaign launched to consider the “Ní’Tiñao Heritage Day” an annual city-wide, then state-wide, thereafter country-wide, and finally internationally recognized holiday.  The holiday will be presented during Summer 2018 via promotion during events, workshops, festivals, and more hosted by organizations who supported the holiday’s culmination.

Studio Visit Hours: Thursdays from 3:00-6:00PM
Opening Reception: March 23 2018 from 7:00-9:00PM
Gallery Hours: March 23 - April 20 from 12:00-5:00PM
Closing Reception: Friday April 20 from 7:00-10:00PM
Loisaida Festival TheatreLab Performance: Sunday May 27 at TBAAM

The Loisaida Center
710 East 9th Street & Avenue C
L to 1st Avenue or J to Delancy/Essex

  Hatuey's Dream  2018, Oil Paint on Gloss Paper and Cotton Sheet

Hatuey's Dream
2018, Oil Paint on Gloss Paper and Cotton Sheet

  Stencil Me This  2018, Acrylic Paint and Stencil

Stencil Me This
2018, Acrylic Paint and Stencil

 All Flyers Graphically Designed by  Andrea Gordillo

All Flyers Graphically Designed by Andrea Gordillo


The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrifcation Network is a Brooklyn-based coalition that binds community organizations and Brooklyn residents to "create a grassroots movement and campaign to prevent the displacement of low-to-middle income people, elders, families and mom-and-pop businesses from Brooklyn." 

LINKS: Alicia Boyd - founder of Movement to Protect the People and organizer at the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network
This video is from BRIC TV— the first 24/7 television channel created by, for, and about Brooklyn.  It is the borough's source for local news, Brooklyn culture, civic affairs, music, arts, sports, and technology.  BRIC TV features programming produced and curated by BRIC, an arts and media nonprofit located in Downtown Brooklyn, NYC.

Cities for People,
Not for Profit!

" 'Cities for People, Not for Profit': Gentrification and Housing Activism in Bushwick is an oral history project tracing the history of ongoing gentrification and subsequent fight for affordable housing in Bushwick, Brooklyn from the perspective of artists, activists, and community residents.  Oral history can be used as an entry point to explore what Henri Lefebvre famously termed the citizen’s “right to the city” and to explore how these narratives can respond to rampant real estate growth and housing policy.

The goal is to have these stories posted online alongside informative tools and resources to help activate the community, such as alternative housing strategies, locating activist organizations and fair housing efforts in the area.  Ultimately, we want to seek effective ways to empower urban residents to contribute to greater urban democracy, using these stories to underscore the urgent need for politics in this city to prioritize housing that corresponds to the human social needs of the people of this city rather than to the capitalist profit-driven economy of the elite few.

This will help ignite relationships amongst urban historians, policymakers and community activists, with the various groups being affected by gentrification in Bushwick in order to participate in real solutions with the community’s best interest in mind."

-Cynthia Tobar, Founder of Cities for People, Not for Profit!

IThou Art & Rush Arts presents:

Join us for a unique group exhibition of new work by twelve contemporary artists, including my Testourmonials of a GentrifiNation installation.  Each artist brings with them their own radically different perspective, and their own personal experience of gentrification.  Through sharing their experience we create a space for conversation and engagement around this topic. 

Each day, the exhibit is accompanied by programming designed to encourage a dialogue for solutions, solidarity, community, and inclusion around the phenomenon of gentrification.

For more information on programming times and topics please visit;

Date & Location
Thursday 15 December 2016
7:30pm-9:00pm, Rush Arts Gallery
526 West 26th Street
1, C, or E to 23rd Street

Un Dia: Canvas, Black Duct Tape, Found Magazines, Moo Podge
12'W x 15"L, 2014 - Anthony Rosado

GentrifiConversation Acknowledging Artwashing

This open conversation will happen in a circle format. Between questions asked to panelists, attendants are encouraged to ask questions and provide testimonies.  The event is geared toward art world professionals and artists, and designed to illuminate and reveal the strategic ways that the arts are used (willingly and unwillingly) to drive mass displacement and gentrification. 


Anthony Rosado of The Testourmonials Project


Chelsea Gregory
The Art of Solidarity

Raquel Namuche
Ridgewood Tenants Union
Queens Is Not For Sale

Aniela Coveleski
Arts in Bushwick

Date & Location
Saturday 17 December 2016
4:00pm-6:00pm, Rush Arts Gallery
526 West 26th Street
1, C, or E to 23rd Street

DeColonize This Place presents
The Art of Solidarity

Please join Artists Space and Decolonize This Place for the second in a series of discussions bringing together local residents, artists, activists and organizers for a candid dialogue on the role of artists within gentrification in New York City.

Shellyne Rodriguez, Take Back the Bronx
Alicia Grullon, Mothers On The Move
Pati Ankalli Rodriguez, Mi Casa No Es Su Casa
Anthony Rosado, Bushwick Artivist
Raquel Namuche, Queens is Not For Sale
Chino Mayday, NYC Is Not For Sale*
Sandra de la Loza, North East Alliance (LA)
Nancy Meza, Defend Boyle Heights (LA)
Samuel Stein, adjunct at CUNY Graduate Center

Michael Higgins, Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network
Picture The Homeless
Martha Rosler, artist

Date & Location
Saturday 29 October 2016
7:00pm-9:00pm, The Artists Space
55 Walker Street
J to Canal Street


As part of The Testourmonials Project, our next GentrifiConversation will be acknowledging support.  As marginalized communities are receiving support from ongoing projects and organizations, aid from allies will foster the sustainability of the communities we love to live in.  We invite you to learn about and of a cross-borough project that deserves your support. 

The panelists are Bruno Daniel, Sarah Quinter, and Pati Ankalli of Mi Casa No Es Su Casa: Illumination Against Gentrification

Following the screening of a documentary relaying the installation process and testimonials from home owners and renters, we will have an open conversation.  Attendants are encouraged to ask questions and provide insight.  We together make the space safe for conversation.  This is a space for freedom of passionate speech and strong feelings and discomfort. 

5$ - Proceeds will go to the Mi Casa No Es Su Casa GoFundMe Account:

Date & Location
Friday 2 November 2016
8:00pm-4:00am, Starr Bar
214 Starr b/t Irving & Wyckoff
L to Jefferson Street

Documentary Screening & GentrifiConversation
 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Celebration of Resistance Open Mic
10:00pm - 11:30pm

Celebration of Resistance Turn Up featuring:

DJ Sauce Jay Anthony
11:30pm - 1:00am

DJ Bembona Xiomara Marie
1:00am - 2:30am

Photograph: Jose Tlaxcaltecati

 Flyer Design by Jesse Villafuerte

Flyer Design by Jesse Villafuerte

Bushwick Open Studios 2016

Arts In Bushwick is looking forward to an exciting and eventful 2016. 

The 10th Annual Bushwick Open Studios will be held October 1-2, 2016. In addition, Arts In Bushwick will be producing a Community Art Day on June 4 2016.

For our 10th anniversary, we are re-branding and refocusing on what makes us strong as a community.  And we need your help!  Please join us for a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday Mar 30 at 7p.  We will be meeting one another, answering questions, taking suggestions, signing up volunteers, and discussing registration for BOS 2016.

Date & Location
Arts In Bushwick Town Hall Meeting: BOS 2016
Wednesday 30 March 2016, 7:00 pm
Mayday Community Space
176 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn NY

I have curated an anthology to be published in the Arts in Bushwick book, to be released Friday 30 September 2016 during Bushwick Open Studios 2016 Seeking Space Exhibition.  Native and gentrifying residents of gentrified neighborhoods of the wealthiest real estate market in the world reflect on displacement and community building. 


Tom Angotti
Daniell De Jesus
Robin Grearson
Bianca Perez
Lauren Raheja
Meg Sullivan
Cynthia Tobar

Occurrence (Schaefer St)
dir. by Melanie Gonzalez

Occurrence (flux)
dir. by Melanie Gonzalez