I am honored to have created the Music Composition for and assist Jamie Roadkill in the culmination and presentation of her series, Intersections.
Curated by Jae Joseph of Freide+Co & WallPlayground.

GODS Fashion Show

Assistant to the Artistic Director of  GODS MagazineSoukena Roussi

en casa afuera
June 12-19

The Loisaida Center
710 E 9 St
Alphabet City, NY, NY

en casa afuera is a cycling collaborative project. Myself and Mckenzie Angelo act as anchors. The collaborators partaking in the event are family, people who are close to us and create with us. The collaborators below were part of the first cycle of en casa afuera at Loisaida Inc. 

Home is the sanctuary we use as ritual. Collectively as humyn beings, we desire the comfort of sitting at a table to eat, gathering in a common space, sleeping on a bed. As we engage in ritual every day, the Home(s) we had are still part of us.

Nostalgia affirms the memories that cultivated and continue to mold our identities. The labels we wear and are perceived as depend on the Home we came from, and how we remember it.

Loisaida Inc. provided us the space to present the first series of en casa afuera, encouraging the artists & witnesses to engage with one another. As gentrification erases the hirstory and identities of native residents, we invite all peoples to gather for the sake of collective spiritual healing. 

In collaboration with the following creators, we developed a performance and visual art series concerning said issues:

Mckenzie Angelo
Chazz Giovanni Bruce
Adam Echahly
Jonathan Gonzalez
Stephanie Mota
Anthony Rosado
Adam Rhodes
Yoira Santos
Lamar Stephens



Wednesday 17 June 2015, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham St, BK NY

I am curating an artist lecture series in collaboration with Bushwick Art Crit Group

5 Visual artists native to Bushwick will present works responding to effects of the gentrification that exotifies our community's name for the sake of cultural capital, networking, resources, exposure, and more. As most gentrifying members of Bushwick's community reap benefits from said "beautification", cultural displacement could lead the the erasure of Latinxs and our Hirstory in Bushwick. 

We will not experience the same NeoColonialism experienced by LES, Washington Heights, and many other "inner city neighborhoods". We Native Bushwick Artists will engage with the predominantly white and exclusive, gentrifying art scene in our community in effort to build bridges that are necessary. They are essential because allies will aid in the resistance of rapid gentrification. 

The content of the visual art presented and questions answered by lecturing artists will plant seeds. Said seeds will be watered by post-lecture conversation. Communication bridges communities. Connected communities organize with ease, and will mobilize in unity. 

I see much to gain from this #NativeBushwick Artist Lecture series, featuring work by:

Danielle De Jesus  
Noelle Hennelly 
JenDog LoneWolf 
Bianca Perez  
Anthony Rosado 

Comin' Out to the Court HousE

Arthur Aviles of #BAAD! Presented
Via NoLongerEmpty...
Friday 5 June 2015, 7.30-10.30pm

I performed two solos alongside 30 artists. During Bronx Pride we opened the Bronx Academy Of Arts & Dance's 15th annual #OUTLIKETHAT Festival! 30 LGBTQ singers, dancers, poets, drag queens, and more will heal the courthouse via continuous performance. All this before it gets turned into an office building.


Friday 1 May, 8pm &
Saturday 2 May 2015, 8pm

Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance
2747 Westchester Ave, BX NY

Dancing While Black's Jaamil Kosoko curated my solo 'mi mama me dijo to call for Universal Humyn Love in these united states of AmeriKKKa' in BAAD's Boogie Down Dance Series. 

This solo is my testimony as a queer AfroLatino inherently connected to the prison industrial complex. As I realize the lies embedded within repeated pledges of [North] American allegiance, my rebellion in ending the perpetual pledge is stunted by the idea of god. The idea of god forces me to the ground, ending the rebellion so I may continuously pledge. Cycles of stunted rebellion are evaded via reclaiming my words and their intent.



Wednesday 1 April 2015, 6.30-8.30pm
Curated by BX Arts Factory

The Andrew Freeman Home
1125 Grand Concourse, BX NY

I presented my solo mi mama me dijo to call for Universal Humyn Love in these united states of AmeriKKKa for BX Arts Factory's Innuendos Art Exhibition.

"Innuendos will create a forum for women and all members of the community to talk and discus the problematic that women are still confronting in this new age and how some of the relevance of our accomplishments continues to be ignored by many members of our society. The metaphors implanted in the celebration of our body and spirit work to destroy the stigmatism behind the elegance of the women’s body and the closeness of our spirit to the universe. "

Testourmonials Solo

Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance
2474 Westchester Ave

For BAAD!'s Out Like That! Festival on Friday 17 June 2016 I presented an excerpt from the performance I will be developing over 2016/17. This piece is an homage to reflection, rumination, and the internal reprise. 

It's next premiere is a group work presented at Center for Performance Research on September 23 & 24 at 7:30pm, via Chez Bushwick's Artist in Residency program.


Panel Discussion on
Gentrification & Art
Wednesday 22 July 2015

Gallery Sensei
278 Grand St

Animamus Art Salon, created by Ventiko in 2011,
presented Sanctum Sanctorum, a month long residency
featuring over 20 local and international artists of various mediums.
Sanctum Sanctorum comes from the Latin phrase for “Holy of Holies”,
a place held in the highest regard.
The month long residency culminates with a group exhibition
of works created throughout the month on July 31, 2015 at Gallery Sensei. 
Participating artists will explore this theme in their practice
via free public programming, performances, workshops and panel discussions.

The theme, “Holy of Holies” aims to facilitate public discourse on the nature of human creativity as an essential component in the development of caring and capable communities. Gallery Sensei, the host venue, will be open to the public daily throughout the the month, creating a transparent and interactive experiment exploring the artistic process and the value of community building, while fostering discussion, debate and a continuous exchange of ideas, per the mission of Animamus Art Salon.

Educate Little Monsters Performance Fundraiser
Saturday 18 July, 4pm-6.30pm

Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
Bushwick, BK, NY

Silent Barn opened their doors for an evening of creative practice by the Educated Little Monsters & Educated Lyrical Monsters. The Lyrical Monsters have cultivated impressive Hip Hop music as the Little Monsters developed performance-based works-in-progress. In effort to fundraise for the continuation of a program that provides workshops for art manifestation by Native Bushwick youth, we invite you to join us!

Performances by ELM will be presented amidst live painting, an open mic, and artisan vendors during the Bushwick Vendors Market, all founded by Jaz Colon

Thanks for Support:
Express Yourself Barista Bar
Brooklyn Arts Council

Yaz Colon, Founder and Artistic Director of Educate Little Monsters

Native Sum

Brooklyn Fire Proof Hallway - Display Cases
119 Ingraham Ave, BK NY - June 5 - 7 2015

Curator Ryan Morris is working in collaboration with Bushwick Art Crit Group and Brooklyn Fire Proof to present 'Native Sum'.

"What does being born someplace give to you? What does an environment change in you? For 2015 AiB Bushwick Open StudiosBushwick Art Crit Group (BACG) with curator Ryan Morris presents a group of native outsiders and esthetic insiders in challenging the notions of belonging, inclusion, and home."

I will be presenting visual collages I have created in response to the modes of decay within community, perpetuated by gentrification and exotification. 

The Parking Lot

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 April 2015
Weekend Long Artist & Community Services Event by Katherine Tom

I spoke in a Creative Entrepeneurship Panel on April 4th at 2pm. We shares our modes of creative practice, social justice, and survival within a new era of creative entrepeneurship for artists.

"The goal of this gathering will be to bridge gaps and build connections between those working at the intersections of arts, activism, and education within the New School community with the larger NYC community. Made up of workshops, panels, and performances, this event will create a space for artivists to share resources and build a stronger network of people who are doing similar work in NYC."

Universal Humyn Love: A Gathering
Native NYC Visual & Performance Art Series

My curatorial practice is grounded in validating the trials of my black & brown ancestors. I do so by continuing the revolution they began.

My exhibits are presented for the sake of communication within community. The community referred to is one all people belong to, the humyn one.

I am curating a series, titled "Universal Humyn Love". It premiered November 14 2015 at Make The Road NY on Grove & Knickerbocker.

Universal Humyn Love is a free live performance & visual arts series presented to encourage conversations on themes of identity, in/external love, legacy, cultural displacement, and our universal connection to oppressive structures. UHL promotes space for community-artist engagement via works crafted to remind us that unconditional love is a powerful tool in our revolution. The series  presents art from local vendors, photographers, illustrators, mixed media artists, video projection creators, a light installation designer, and live performers. 

Free of charge, Universal Humyn Love seeks to inspire people to love each humyn before thinking or acting. When all humyns do so, love will be available on a universal scale. Revolution becomes reLOVEution. We diffuse prominent exploitative and oppressive structures. The structures I aim to dismantle are gentrification, "American"ized class hierarchy, unjust authority, and the prison industrial complex.

Post-show audience conversation is my main intent when curating art. Universal Humyn Love will continue in effort to remind Bushwick residents affected by the invalidating and alienating consequences of gentrification, that experiencing live art is an entitled accessibility for us as well. 



Make The Road NY via Globe Bushwick, July 2015
301 Grove St b/t Knickerbocker & Wyckoff
(L to Myrtle/Wyckoff; J to Knickerbocker)

literal wash. 2 

July 2014
In collaboration with performers: Timothy Garlid,  Ava Untermyer, and Wayne Arthur Paul

Monologue: text from Hijikata Tatsumi's 'To Prison'

**contains nudity

my honest body
Featured in the Honest Bodies Exhibition

at Project REACH

Of Jung & Hijikata & Schwaltz

May 2013
This solo honors three men who encouraged me to explore & manifest work from my thinking; unconscious; triggered mind. 

Trois Mecs


Occurrence (Schaefer St)
Photography by Melanie Gonzalez

Occurrence (flux)
Photography by Melanie Gonzalez

literal wash. 1
Photography by Laydee Kaye and Melanie Gonzalez
Pedro's Kitchen, Summer 2013

A Latino deeply dedicated to conformity enters a restaurant with a business suit and gelled curly hair, in white face. He moves about the space shaking hands, typing, and writing notes over & over until he is frantically repeating these actions. He halts, realizing the inherent validity in his body and the identities it naturally presents. The Latino makes his way to a golden basin, ruffles his hair into an afro, enters the basin, and bears his skin to viewers. He washes. He smears a darker shade of brown onto his light peanut butter skin, finally & fully appreciating the beauty in bodies of his black & brown ancestors.

Goodwin Theatre at Trinity College, Spring 2013

This was my testimony to Trinity College. As a Queer Latino I had to praise all of my identities to survive on a campus plagued with a deep desire for white, upper class, patriarchal, American conformity.

I dress in varying styles, eventually tearing the clothes off of my body. One white woman engages the other in competitive struggle. The close-eyed woman opens her eyes, evading the confrontation. She layers all of my clothes onto her body as the other woman lavishes in the gloriousness of her long, blonde hair.

After finally finding my niche, I close my eyes walking backwards into light with much hesitation. I bump into the white woman layered in my clothes. In shock, I run off stage.


In collaboration with performers: Mary Iris Loncto and Lindsay Elizabeth Walker